There are three areas of financial need for The Littlegate Trust:

Ongoing operating costs

The trust has low operating costs. There is a part time administrator, there are ongoing audit and other professional fees, and there is a sinking fund to enable the Trust to be able to undertake repairs and maintenance on rented properties.

The Trust charges modest rents on the properties it leases to churches, and currently there is no rent paid on the Grace Church building. Most of the rental payments go to service the mortgages and other debt obligations on the individual properties. In order to keep rents on the residential properties below market rate, the Trust runs a deficit which needs to be funded from gifts.

Debt Paydown

The financial goal of Littlegate is to pay down all the debt on its properties so that it can minimise rental costs for churches and also to strengthen its balance sheet in order to continue purchasing properties for gospel ministry.

Grant Making

There may also be occasions when Littlegate wishes to support churches through the making of grant payments to assist with their day to day ministry.

Gifts for any of these purposes would be serving God’s kingdom in a significant way. When one looks down the centuries at how small investments in buildings to facilitate ministry have laid an invaluable foundation for the work of the gospel, we hope that supporters will be encouraged by the vision of The Littlegate Trust to create a portfolio of buildings which is safeguarded for gospel ministry for future generations.

Supporting the Littlegate Trust

To support the Trust financially, please download and fill in our Giving Form for one-off gifts and regular giving, including a Standing Order form, or see the section below on how to leave a Legacy in your Will.

Giving Form

Click the icon above to download our giving form.

The PDF will open in a new tab. On your computer, select File > Print to print out and then fill in the document.

Contact Us

If you would prefer, do contact us with your address and we can send you a form.

We will store your information so we can process any gifts, reclaim Gift Aid and keep you informed.

Bank Details

Account Name: The Littlegate Trust
Account No.: 41386876
Sort Code: 60-01-01
Natwest, 11 Market Place, Abingdon OX14 3HH

If you donate to this account, please inform us by emailing or via a note here, so we know for which project your gift is intended and for our records. Thank you.


We would love you to consider including The Littlegate Trust in your Will. Making or amending your will to leave a gift to Littlegate will support multi-generational property investments enabling faithful Christian ministry for years to come.

It’s easy to arrange with the help of a solicitor, doesn’t have to be complicated and needn’t cost a lot of money. Making a Will is easy to put off, but it’s the only way to be sure your wishes are carried out.

Your Gift to Littlegate

All gifts to Littlegate are used exclusively in accordance with our Statement of Faith. If you would prefer to specify a particular ministry, please include an Expression of Wish, explaining in your own words any particular ministry you would like your gift to support. We would ask that, wherever possible, you avoid creating a legally restricted gift or permanent endowment as this can limit the ability of the Trustees to react to changing circumstances. If you would like to explore anything in more detail then we would be happy to discuss this with you in strict confidence.

Types of Gift

There are four main ways to leave money or gifts in your will, your solicitor will be able to give more details on each:

  • Pecuniary Gift – A specified sum of money
  • A Specific Gift – This could be property, stocks and shares, a car or antique.
  • Contingent Legacy – A gift that is dependant on an event that may or may not happen.
  • Residuary Legacy – A portion of your estate after funeral expenses, debts and other gifts in the will have been paid. Normally a percentage rather than a fixed amount.

It’s great to say thank-you to our supporters, so if you do decide to include a gift to Littlegate in your Will it would be wonderful to hear from you.

Littlegate Legacy Promise

A gift of any size to Littlegate will be cherished as a gift to the Lord our God for his work and glory. We understand that leaving a Legacy is a special and personal decision, so we make this promise to you:

  • We will answer your questions honestly and promptly
  • We understand that family and friends will be important to you and we will treat you and them with respect
  • If you want your gift to be used in support of a particular ministry, we will do everything we can to achieve this
  • We promise to use your gift wisely so that it can have the greatest impact
  • We will respect your privacy
  • You can change your mind at any time about leaving a Legacy to Littlegate, we will respect your decision
  • You don’t have to let us know that you are leaving a gift, but if you do we will keep your decision confidential
  • As ministries evolve and circumstances change, we will always ensure that 100% of the assets of Littlegate continue to be deployed in accordance with our Statement of Faith